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Harriers Troop

Scouts is for boys and girls between 10 1/2 and 13 1/2 years old.

We meet on Mondays 19:30pm – 21:00.


At Scouts they can meet people, make new friends and also enjoy taking part in various activities, learning new skills.


It is important we provide a balanced program where badge work is essential. We challenge Scouts to learn new things by enjoying different and new experiences. Visiting places they may not have seen before plus take part in projects with great rewards.


The Scouts and the leadership team work together to make scouting enjoyable for everyone.


Here is a case study from last year:


Werrington Scouts Race to Completion

In the patrol leader’s council meeting, which is held termly, they choose the activities they wish to undertake during the upcoming term. One of these being an activity where they could build something for them to repeatedly use within Scouts. So what better project to do than go karts. Over a three-week period scouts were involved in the building of go karts for the annual Werrington carnival fundraising event.  Where the finished go karts were part of the procession through the village.

They worked as a team within their patrols where they used basic carpentry skills such as measuring, cutting and building to complete their karts. This hands-on activity allowed them to develop new skills whilst attaining their craft badge, model maker’s badge, and counted towards elements of the creative challenge badge.